Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Phase one of the grand project could be done, depending on how I decide to define it. I am a pretty ambitious person, so maybe it is not surprising that I did not meet my original (unrealistic?) goal. What is phase one? A dry stacked stone wall to adjust the slope of our side yard away from the back door, and out toward the (forthcoming) rain garden and back alley. Building a dry stone wall is complex in its own way, and now that I am getting in to it, I am enjoying it. I wish I had photographs to share, but I am wedging this work in between my paid work and taking care of Thomas, who is helping in the way that only a two and a half year old can, so I haven't paused to take pictures. I worked until dark tonight, and would have kept going by porch light, but the mosquitoes convinced me otherwise

This work is engaging in a way that word games are. It both focuses your attention and frees the mind. I think that it would be very good work for poets. It is also doing great things for my upper arms.


Sarah said...

You sound more cheerful, so I hope this means you (and project) have recovered from the disasters I caught fragments of via Facebook. A dry stone wall must be a challenge, if it means working with fit and balance rather than mortar.

Keep up the good work. A rain garden sounds wonderful!


Cate said...

Thanks Sarah, I am trying not to let the disasters get me down. The flooding is directly related to the state of the backyard... Somehow this obsession with surface water cheers me.